3 Steps to Fabulous Skin With Reclaim®

Wash your face with our rich and creamy cleanser, treat and protect the skin around your eyes with our gentle serum and moisturize your face and neck with our revolutionary day and night creams. Three simple steps to more beautiful skin for the rest of your life…

  • 1 Reclaim® Total Facial Cleanser
    step 1

    Total Facial Cleanser

    First, take the Reclaim® Cleanser: rich and creamy, with a fresh melon scent. Wet your face and spread it all over. Then, using a wet washcloth, remove the makeup, mascara, grime and other surface impurities.

    Reclaim® Total Facial Cleanser
  • 2 Age Breaker® EyeFirmation® Eye Serum
    step 2

    Age Braker® EyeFirmation® Eye Serum

    Next, go right to the eye serum, because this area is so vulnerable, so fragile. Put a little of the serum under the eye and extend all the way to the hairline. It’s not like most eye products, because it also addresses laugh lines.`

    Age Breaker® EyeFirmation® Eye Serum
  • 3 Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day Cream
    step 3

    Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day® Cream

    Then, go to this moisturizer: also rich and creamy with the scent of fresh melon. Apply a substantial layer all over the face, including the neck. It’s effective, simple, easy and affordable.

    Revolutionary Anti-Aging Day Cream
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