Total Facial Cleanser

A smart start for a fresh, younger-looking face, the Total Facial Cleanser cleans, removes eye and facial makeup and acts like a toner all in one. Massage it on and let the delicious, fresh melon scent delight your senses. After rinsing, your skin will feel vibrant and velvety smooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains Argireline Molecular Complex™
  • Rich, creamy formula
  • Designed to help de-stress skin and speed exfoliation
  • Removes eye and facial makeup and is quick-rinsing
  • Formulated with built-in toner
Total Facial Cleanser

What Victoria Says:

"Our Total Facial Cleanser is so luxurious it's hard to believe it provides you
with the four deep cleaning steps most important in your skin care regimen
for healthy, beautiful skin. But it does."

–Victoria Principal
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